Greedy Muslims turn Christian to gain financial benefits and Asylum in rich Christian States

By Kaswar Klasra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Changing of religion for a reason or the other is a common phenomenon during these days. However, a series of investigations carried out to unearth the myth behind conversion of Muslims into Christians, revealed that factors of greed of getting financial benefits and thrust of securing asylum in any of rich Christian state were the main factors that compels Muslims to do so.

As a matter of fact, Poverty and greed compel a majority of the Muslims all over the world, to convert Christian.

Mohammad Aslam Shaheen, a Pakistani national could be a best example to elaborate as why and how a Muslim like him achieves his goal by turning Christian (we must say him a fake Christian).

Individuals like ‘Mohammad Aslam Shaheen’ were equally responsible for widening the gap between ‘Islam’ and ‘Christianity’. Shaheen converted Christian and joined Gujranwala seminary years back. Investigations revealed that Shaheen did so in a bid to take asylum in any rich Christian state to gain financial benefits. He remained lucky to fined a place in the USA.

This clever man, somehow, managed to convince a visiting US Pakistani Pastor for his arrangement for further study of Christian religion in USA.

Shaheen applied for asylum in USA under blasphemy law in Pakistan which might be potential life threat on his return and this way he was granted asylum.

During his early stay in the states, he became regular Church worshiper to believe every Church member of his faith in Christianity. Later on this clever man sponsored his family along with children of his relatives who also received lawful immigration to USA.

Investigations have revealed that, Shaheen never turned Christian rather he impersonated being a Christian just to get economic benefits by getting asylum in the US.

He has married his sons and daughter performing Islamic rituals and that they are freely visiting Muslim relatives in Pakistan. Where is fear of life for that converted Muslim in Pakistan now? He have no fear because he is Muslim again and enjoying blasphemy law as benefit which is sword for Christians.

This is one case of Muslim convert in USA and there may be hundreds in USA, Canada and Europe.

Dark point of this story is that, these guys had abused Christianity years before and now they are abusing Islam after impersonating as being Christian.

According to Islamic law as practiced in countries such as Iran, Sudan, and Pakistan and in northern regions of Nigeria, the penalty for changing one’s religion is execution.

As a matter of fact there has been scores of cases of Muslims who converted Christians and Christians turned Muslim. However, Christian state policies have a plus point that they bring no harm to an individual who converts Christian and revert to his fundamental religion. However, the penalty for changing one’s religion is execution in Islamic states like Pakistan, Sudan and Nigeria, which, according to Christian critics, was harsh act.

The Christian states, keeping in view of safety of newly turned Christians, offer them asylum and financial benefits. No doubt, newly turned Christians benefited from this facility but as a matter of fact there were scores of Muslim individuals (belonging to poor states like pakistan, Nigeria etc) who turned Christians to secure asylum in rich Christian states like the US and returned to their fundamental religion after achieving desired goal.

Reports suggested that State Department of the US has documented numerous instances of religious persecution overseas against Muslim converts to Christianity. While documenting this apostasy, officials found there were genuine cases but they observed a majority of them did so to seek asylum to end poverty. Also, investigations into some of cases revealed the Muslim individuals convert Christians in order to save their future.

When we talk about the genuine cases of apostasy, state department has noticed that some have simply been shunned by their families. Others have been kidnapped by family members and friends, and put on a plane back home. All are reluctant to ask for protection from U.S. law enforcement, especially those converts with Arabic surnames who are leery of getting their names on a U.S. police report.

Changing of religion for one reason or the other is a universal phenomenon. According to David Barrett, co-author of the World Christian Encyclopedia, who estimates that within U.S. borders, 50,000 Christians per year turn to Islam while 20,000 Muslims adopt Christianity.

The Rev. Hisham Kamel, pastor of the Arabic Evangelical Church in Temple City, Calif., believes that certainty of heaven is what draws Muslims to risk losing family and friends when they accept Christ. “In Islam, the only way they know they’ll get to heaven is if they take part in jihad,” he said.

“Sometimes people lie so they can apply for religious asylum,” Mr. Farag claims. “Then, after they receive help from you, you never hear from them again.” The Immigration and Naturalization Service refused to provide details on religious asylum requests.

Ann Buwalda, a US immigration lawyer for Just Law International in Fairfax, confirmed to this correspondent when contacted on telephone that she’s been approached by Pakistani converts who are refugees. ”

According to some reports, “Egyptians and Iranians show some of the greatest interest” in Christianity, Unlike the aforementioned Pakistanis, Egyptians, Saudi Arabians and Syrians, Iranian converts reported the fewest repercussions for their faith. Media reports suggested that that 7,000 evangelical Christian Iranians live in the United States, mostly in California. However, critics believe that most of them converts Christian in order to gain financial benefits.

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