CHANDIGARH - The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC), the mini-parliament of Sikh religion, Tuesday said its members will protest outside the US embassy in Delhi Dec 23 against turban checks at American airports.
WASHINGTON - Citing his India visit when he and First Lady Michelle celebrated Diwali with children in Mumbai, US President Barack Obama has said his administration has pursued a new era of engagement by building partnerships between peoples.
LONDON - A Sudanese Muslim woman was publicly whipped for wearing trousers, a video released on the internet shows.
CHANDIGARH - The ruling Akali Dal in Punjab Tuesday termed Indian diplomat Hardeep Puri's 'pat down' episode in the US as an outrage and urged the central government to launch a diplomatic initiative to ensure that Sikhs' turbans were not checked anywhere in the world.
LUCKNOW - Members of the Shia community can now follow a 'Majlis' addressed by leading clerics during the month of Moharram on their mobile phone within half an hour of the event.
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