BEIRUT - In a new Syrian soap opera, a beautiful green-eyed young woman named Layla is torn over whether to take off the niqab, the billowing black Islamic garb that hides every part of her except her eyes.

BEIRUT - Two Shiite Muslim television stations in Lebanon canceled a controversial program about Jesus on Friday, saying they do not want to stir up sectarian conflict in the country.

BEIRUT - The final episode of an Iranian television series called "The Messiah" was banned Friday in Lebanon, after a complaint from Catholics.

BEIRUT - A Lebanese Christian Maronite bishop called late Thursday on Hezbollah television to stop airing a Ramadan series called Al Maseeh, Arabic for Jesus.

LONDON - Britain's ambassador to Beirut angered Israelis and embarrassed officials in London after writing a blog post praising the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, Lebanon's top Shiite cleric, who supported Hezbollah's and other militants' attacks on Israel.
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