Mormon, Muslim, old, young: Gay community pouring hearts out on YouTube over teen suicides

Gay community sends video message: It gets better

Elton John to perform in Morocco concert despite Islamist outcry about his homosexuality

Elton John to perform in Morocco despite outcry

‘Birdemic’ and other really bad movies become overnight cult classics via social networking

Schlockey films gain instant cult status via Net

Vatican paper praises the Beatles, forgives Lennon’s comment that band was bigger than Jesus

Vatican makes peace with the Beatles

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican has finally made peace with the Beatles, saying their drug use, “dissolute” lives and even the claim that the band was bigger than Jesus are all in the past — while their music lives on.

Akon postpones concert in Sri Lanka after protests over Buddha statue in music video

Akon postpones Sri Lanka tour after Buddha uproar

John Travolta credits his faith for helping him cope with 16-year-old son’s death last year

Travolta says faith helped him through son’s death

John Travolta pilots own jet to Haiti carrying relief supplies, food, Scientology ministers

Travolta lands in Haiti piloting relief supplies

Vatican newspaper, radio say ‘Avatar’ is no masterpiece, despite stupefying visual effects

Vatican says ‘Avatar’ is no masterpiece

VATICAN CITY — “Avatar” is wooing audiences worldwide with visually dazzling landscapes and nature-loving blue creatures. But the Vatican is no easy crowd to please.