Church court convicts California minister of misconduct for performing same-sex weddings

Church: Calif. minister guilty for marrying gays

UK says Catholic adoption charity that refused to help gay couples must change its policy

UK: Adoption charity can’t ban gay couples

Mexico supreme court votes to uphold Mexico City law allowing adoptions by same-sex couples

Mexico supreme court upholds gay adoptions

AP-Univision Poll: Young Hispanics less likely to be Catholic; a divide on social issues

Poll: Young Hispanics less likely to be Catholic

Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of law permitting same-sex marriages in Mexico City

Mexican court upholds capital’s gay marriage law

Argentina becomes first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage with Senate vote

Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote

Lawmakers debate making Argentina first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage

Argentine Senate considers same-sex marriage law

Mormon church reaffirms opposition to gay marriage in Argentina weighs gay union legalization

Mormon church reaffirms opposition to gay marriage

Presbyterians reject bid to reconsider gay debate; definition of marriage to hold 2 years

Presbyterians won’t reconsider gay marriage debate

Presbyterian leaders approve more liberal gay clergy policy, but won’t be final decision

Presbyterian leaders approve gay clergy policy

UK considering letting gay couples include religious elements in civil partnership ceremonies

UK considers religious gay union ceremonies

Icelandic prime minister’s historic gay marriage follows long tradition of Nordic tolerance

Icelandic leader in milestone gay marriage

2 rabbis pull Hawaii Gov. Lingle in opposite directions on contentious civil unions bill

Hawaii gov consults with rabbis on civil unions

Portugal becomes 6th European country to allow gay marriage after president’s OK

Portugal’s president ratifies gay marriage law

Nation’s largest Lutheran denomination reinstating gay pastor and his partner to clergy roster

Largest Lutheran group reinstating 2 gay ministers

2 brides and a wedding: Mexico witnesses 1st explicitly legal same-sex marriages

In Mexico, gay couples celebrate historic weddings

In DC gay marriage debate, message focused on references to civil rights, interracial marriage

In DC, blacks were crucial to gay marriage debate

Defense witness in same-sex marriage trial says gays face substantial bias on the job

Witness in marriage trial says gays face job bias

First defense witness at same-sex marriage trial says gays have substantial political clout

Defense calls first witness at gay marriage trial

Lawyers for plaintiffs rest case in gay marriage trial over constitutionality of ban in Calif.

Lawyers for plaintiffs rest case on gay marriage

Sundance documentary about gay-marriage politics attracts only a handful protesters

Few protesters show at Sundance for Prop. 8 movie

Supporters and foes of Hawaii civil unions bill gear up for quick legislative vote

Civil unions may get quick vote at Hawaii Capitol

Portugal’s Parliament votes in favor of same-sex marriages

Portugal parliament votes to permit gay marriage

Same-sex couples to celebrate New Year saying ‘I do’ in NH, 5th state to legalize gay marriage

NH gay couples to start New Year with wedding vows