HAVANA - The Roman Catholic Church said Wednesday it has intervened again on behalf of a political dissident, this time helping the ailing son of one of Cuba's top revolutionary heroes go to the United States for medical treatment.

HAVANA - The mother of a Cuban political prisoner who died following a hunger strike held a march in her son's honor without incident Sunday, as pro-government mobs that had broken up the demonstration for weeks stayed away.

HAVANA - Roman Catholic officials said Friday they had a humanitarian obligation to broker a landmark deal in which Cuba promised to free 52 political prisoners - answering island opposition activists who complained of being left out of negotiations.

HAVANA - Amnesty International is calling on Cuban authorities to stop disrupting weekly marches by the mother of a political prisoner who died following a lengthy hunger strike.

MADRID - Seven former political prisoners from Cuba smiled and gave victory signs Tuesday after they and their families were flown to freedom in Madrid, the first of 52 dissidents the Cuban government has promised to free in a historic policy shift.
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