Egyptian newspaper sacks chief editor critical of government

Egyptian newspaper sacks dissident chief editor

In Egypt’s ‘marriage crisis,’ a TV sit-com becomes a hit by laying out the women’s side

In a TV comedy, Egyptian women gain a voice

Egypt’s Coptic pope apologizes over anti-Islam remarks by top bishop

Egypt pope apologizes over bishop’s Islam remarks

Egypt’s top Islamic institution says remarks by Coptic bishop about Quran were irresponsible

Egyptian Islamic body criticizes bishop’s remarks

Kuwait strips hard-line Shiite activist of citizenship after claims of blasphemy

Kuwait strips Shiite activist of citizenship

Muslims throng mosques, cafes in solemn and joyful end to fasting month of Ramadan

Muslims throng mosques to celebrate end of Ramadan

Muslims see Quran burning threat as targeting the direct word of God

Muslims see Quran burning as threat to God’s word

Egyptian democracy advocate says government behind Facebook photos of daughter in swimsuit

Egypt opposition leader claims official harassment

Ramadan TV show focuses on darker side of Muslim Brotherhood, provoking controversy in Egypt

Egypt TV show stirs debate over Muslim Brotherhood

Hamas, though excluded from Mideast talks, is among most intractable issues

Hamas among intractable issues in Mideast talks

Tut-tut: Security gaps seen in Egypt’s museums after theft of van Gogh painting in Cairo

Tut-tut: Security problems seen in Egypt’s museums

Egypt suffers worst power cuts in decades during Ramadan fasting month at height of summer

Egypt power cuts deepen suffering in fasting month

Cairo mosques begin calling to prayer with a single voice

Cairo mosques begin unified call to prayer

Top Islamic insitution condemns Florida church’s plans to burn Qurans

Top Islamic institution slams Quran-burning plan

Searing summer heat adds hardship to Ramadan fasting for Muslims in Middle East

Mideast summer heat adds hardship to Ramadan fast

Ramzan Celebrations In Egypt

Va. man stuck in Egypt after Yemen travels landed him on no-fly list returning to US Friday

Va. man stuck in Egypt on no-fly list coming to US

Virginia man has been stuck in limbo in Egypt for 6 weeks after he appeared on US no-fly list

American on US no-fly list stranded in Egypt

Virginia man stuck in Egypt limbo after his name appeared on no-fly list

American stuck in Egypt due to no-fly list

Muslim civil rights group seeks return of Va. man stuck in Egypt after FBI questioning

Muslim org seeks return of Va. man stuck in Egypt

Egyptian court upholds decision to strip citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women

Egyptians married to Israelis to lose citizenship

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Breaking Gaza blockade could lead to missile attacks

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents attacks

Turkish lawmakers urge review of ties with Israel; All activists to be deported from Israel

Israel deports all activists from Gaza-bound ships

Turkey’s parliament urges government to review political, military ties with Israel

Turkish lawmakers urge govt to review Israel ties

Archeologists unearth 57 ancient tombs in Egypt, most boasting a painted sarcophagus and mummy

57 ancient tombs with mummies unearthed in Egypt

A new fight over female judges in Egypt stirs old arguments that women not fit for bench

Women judges stir up old debate in Egypt

CAIRO — When women tried to join the bench on Egypt’s top administrative court, the uproar from its judges was fierce. Women are too emotional, they insisted — and who will take care of the family if the mother is busy with the arduous tasks of the courtroom?

On eve of Passover, polls shows Israelis concerned about their international standing

President Barack Obama
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Egypt President returned home 3 weeks after gall bladder surgery in Germany

Egypt’s Mubarak returns home 3 weeks after surgery

Qatar forces out moderates from IslamOnline, plans more conservative approach

Moderates forced out of top Islam Web site

Moderate, Western-educated Islamic scholar named Egypt’s new top cleric

Islamic scholar named Egypt’s new top cleric

Yemen-American radical preacher issues message calling for US Muslims to go against their govt

Yemen-American imam calls for US Muslim revolt

Egypt TV shows first images of president following operation in German hospital

First post-op images of Egyptian president appear

Egypt cancels synagogue unveiling, citing Israeli maltreatment of Palestinians

Egypt cancels unveiling of restored synagogue

Egyptian bishop says 23 Coptic Christians wounded after attack by Muslims in western Egypt

Bishop: 23 Christians wounded in Egypt

CAIRO — An Egyptian bishop says 23 Coptic Christians have been wounded when extremist Muslims attacked a church community center in a western province.

Discovery of monotheist pharaoh’s mummy provides clues about unique time in ancient Egypt

Mummy of Egypt’s monotheist pharaoh to return home

Egypt’s top Muslim cleric, whose moderate views angered hard-liners, dies of heart attack

Egypt’s top Muslim cleric dies of heart attack

Egypt says it is dedicated to restoring all the country’s synagogues

Egypt to pay for restoration of all synagogues

Egyptian president undergoes gall bladder operation, hands over power to prime minister

Egyptian president has gall bladder operation

Egyptian president to have gall bladder operation, hands over power to prime minister

Egyptian president to have gall bladder operation

Behind Clinton and Biden, US seeks to shore up diplomatic push against Iran’s nuclear program

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Oldest monastery in Egypt opens doors for pilgrims

Al-ZAAFARANA - The oldest monastery of Saint Antony near Egypt’s coastal town of Al-Zaafarana has opened its doors for pilgrims after almost five years of renovation, the head of the country’s Supreme Council of Antiquities has said.

Egypt unveils renovations at oldest Christian monastery, touting coexistence with Muslims

Egypt restores monastery touting religious harmony

Egyptian Christians ask for equal rights as Muslims to build houses of worship

Egypt Christians call for right to build churches

Human Rights Watch criticizes treatment of women and minorities in the Middle East

Rights group slams treatment of Mideast minorities

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood selects new leader from conservative faction

Egypt’s Brotherhood group selects new leader

Coach of Egypt’s national soccer team only wants players who observe Islam

Egypt’s soccer boss says piety key to making team

Christian-Muslim fighting resumes in Egypt

NAGAA HAMADI - Renewed fighting was reported in the Egyptian city of Nagaa Hamadi Friday evening, the same day police arrested three suspects in connection with a drive-by shooting outside a church earlier this week which left nine dead, a security source said.

Coptic pope appeals for calm as Egypt clashes continue

NAGAA HAMADI - Pope Shenouda III, the head of Egypt’s Coptic Church, has appealed for calm as sectarian clashes continued in the southern town of Nagaa Hamadi.

Egypt’s anti-smuggling Gaza border wall could starve Hamas into submission

Egypt steel border wall could choke Hamas in Gaza

Egypt’s anti-smuggling Gaza border wall construction in high gear; clerics say it’s forbidden

Work on Egypt-Gaza steel wall moving forward