Fla. officials concerned about safety over planned Quran burn; Obama adds voice to opposition

Barack Obama

Fla. gov. concerned about safety if minister holds Quran burn on Sept. 11 at his small church

Sarah Palin

Fla. minister determined to hold Quran burn on Sept. 11, despite international outcry

Sarah Palin
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Government turns up pressure on Florida church where pastor wants to burn copies of Quran

Pressure rises on pastor who wants to burn Quran

US State Department calls Quran burning plan un-American; Fla. pastor says he’ll do it anyway

US church to go ahead with Sept. 11 Quran burning

Florida church rebuffs concerns of Gen. Petraeus that Quran burning will inflame tensions

Church rebuffs military concerns on Quran burning

Top US commander in Afghanistan warns Quran burning could spark violence against Americans

Top US commander: Burning Quran endangers troops

Egyptian democracy advocate says government behind Facebook photos of daughter in swimsuit

Egypt opposition leader claims official harassment

Ramadan TV show focuses on darker side of Muslim Brotherhood, provoking controversy in Egypt

Egypt TV show stirs debate over Muslim Brotherhood

Saudi cleric told to stop unauthorized edicts after call to boycott store with female vendors

Saudi cleric slammed over fatwa on women cashiers

Saudi chain removes female cashiers following protests

RIYADH - One of Saudi Arabia’s largest supermarket chains has reversed a decision to employ female cashiers, in a religious dispute which saw the king issue a reprimand Thursday to a conservative scholar.

History in shadows: Exhibition in Turkey tells of Muslim world’s contributions to science

1001 Inventions: Science in Muslim lands

ISTANBUL — For generations, the lore of “One Thousand and One Nights” helped shape Western notions about Muslim culture. The collection of tales described an exotic world of harems and flying carpets, Sinbad and monsters, Aladdin and the jinn, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.

Mideast watches NY mosque furor and asks: Is it worth the fight?

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Stray cats strut Istanbul’s streets, a symbol of tradition in a churning metropolis

Cat culture thrives in Istanbul

ISTANBUL — When President Obama visited Turkey last year, he paused to stroke a tabby cat at the former Byzantine church of Haghia Sophia while Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan looked on with a smile. The cat, one of half a dozen living at the ancient site, seemed unfazed by the VIP attention.

America the Tolerant: NYC mosque dispute prompts reflection on a notion as old as the republic

The Dalai Lama

Election pressure mounts in oil-rich Nigeria for still-quiet President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria: Election pressure mounts for quiet leader

NY Democrats silent or shying away from Obama’s stance on mosque construction near ground zero

U.S. President Barack Obama

Top Islamic insitution condemns Florida church’s plans to burn Qurans

Top Islamic institution slams Quran-burning plan

Greek Orthodox priest feels at home with hardcore soccer fans, ignores church condemnation

Greek priest right at home with rabid soccer fans

As 18th birthday nears, girl who fled Ohio after Christian conversion rejects family reunion

Teenage Christian convert rejects family reunion

Mosque prayer leader wins Malaysia hit reality TV show’s search for young Muslim role model

Malaysia TV completes quest for Muslim role model

US church to burn Quran on Sep 11

NEW YORK - A church in Florida, US, is reportedly planning to host an “International Burn a Quran Day” on the anniversary of the Sep 11, 2001, terror attack, a move that has been condemned by many Christians and Muslims.

Novelist Anne Rice, who spurned Catholicism, then returned to it: ‘I quit Christianity’

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Gingrich, possible 2012 presidential contender, latest nat’l Republican to oppose NYC mosque

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2.5 mn Muslims threaten to leave Facebook

LONDON - More than 2.5 million Muslims have threatened to quit Facebook after four Islamic pages were taken down, reports said Friday.

‘Disney theme park for rioting’: Belfast leaders decry children’s zeal for fighting police

Belfast leaders decry youths’ zeal for rioting

Islamist hard-liners in Indonesia target Christians; government at a loss to respond

Indonesian Islamists open front against Christians

Islamic hard-liners in Indonesia pledge war against Christians; government remains silent

Indonesian Islamists eye proselytizing Christians

Malaysian men wash corpses, counsel women in bid for young Muslim leader title on reality TV

Malaysia reality TV seeks young male Muslim leader

Pakistan monitor Google, 6 other sites for un-Islamic content

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has put seven major websites, including the Google search engine, under observation for hosting alleged un-Islamic material, officials said Friday.

Pakistan to monitor Google, other major sites for blasphemy; 17 smaller sites to be blocked

Pakistan watches Google, other sites for blasphemy

Pandharpur pilgrimage to be promoted as tourist attraction

PUNE/MUMBAI - As part of the golden jubilee of the formation of the state, Maharashtra will carry out a special promotion for the Pandharpur Padayatra (pilgrimage by foot), which attracts over a million devotees in July, an official said Thursday.

iMass: Italian priest develops missal application to let priests officiate with iPad on altar

iPad coming to church altars with daily missal app

Utah GOP Senate candidate Lee to file FEC complaint over mailer sent by unidentified group

Utah Senate hopeful to file complaint about mailer

French police ban planned street party serving pork and wine in heavily Muslim neighborhood

Paris police ban pork street party in Muslim area

Official: Bangladesh lifts Facebook ban imposed over prophet drawings