Ga. megachurch pastor accused in sex scandal says ‘I’ll be here next week’ for services

Ga. megachurch pastor: ‘I’ll be here next week’

Ga. megachurch pastor accused in sex scandal: I am not the man being portrayed on television

Ga. megachurch pastor pledges to fight accusations

Thousands fill cathedral for 1st public remarks from Ga. pastor accused in sex scandal

Thousands await public remarks from accused pastor

Megachurch pastor accused in sex scandal expected to address congregation; 1st public remarks

Accused megachurch pastor to talk to congregation

Australian judge orders Muslim witness to remove burqa when testifying in fraud trial

Australian judge: Woman cannot wear veil in court

Spanish parliament set to debate restricting burqas in public, opposition party says

Spanish parliament to debate ban on public burqas

Authorities distribute 20,000 long skirts to enforce tight pants ban in Indonesia’s West Aceh

Tight pants ban takes effect in Indonesia’s Aceh