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TEMECULA, Calif. - After the Mediterranean climate and sandy soil, winemaker Ray Falkner said his greatest asset is the view of rolling vine-covered hills from the top of his property in Southern California.

BOISE, Idaho - Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo might seem like an unlikely person to be pushing a bill to cut federal taxes on small beer-makers: A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he abstains from alcohol.

PARIS - Note to big companies hoping to tap into France's lucrative but long-neglected Muslim consumer market: Pitfalls may await, and not only in the form of complaints from the far-right.

MELILLA, Spain - Activists in Morocco who have twice blockaded food shipments into a Spanish enclave in the last week to protest alleged abuses by border police agreed Wednesday to suspend their demonstrations until September, when the holy Islamic month of Ramadan ends, a merchants association said.

MELILLA, Spain - Truckers have halted food shipments from Morocco to the Spanish enclave of Melilla as protesters accuse Spanish police of brutality and racism against Moroccans who cross into the tiny city on the North African coast.
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