Pope beatifies Newman, praises British who fought Nazis as Vatican declares trip a success

Vatican declares Pope’s visit to Britain a success

Germany’s Jesuit order offers sexual abuse victims compensation of at least $6,500

German Jesuits offer abuse victims compensation

Banker-turned-author breaks taboos, channels growing public frustration over immigrants

German book channels public’s immigrant angst

Germany: Danish Muhammad cartoonist receives prize in ceremony attended by Chancellor Merkel

Danish Muhammad cartoonist receives German prize

Pastor who plans to burn Quran is not in Christian mainstream, was thrown out of former church

Fla. pastor on fringe of US Christian life

Angela Merkel slams US pastor’s Quran-burning plan

POTSDAM - German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday described as “abhorrent” plans by a US pastor to burn copies of the Quran on the ninth anniversary of the Sep 11, 2001, terrorist attack.

Bundesbank rejects banker’s remarks stereotyping Muslims, Jews; Merkel suggests he be let go

Germany’s central bank rejects racist comments

Germany’s central bank: board member’s remarks about Muslims, Jews are damaging

Bundesbank: top banker’s comments unacceptable

Top German banker launches book about immigration after remarks called racist, anti-Semitic

Divisive German banker launches immigration book

Once bloody warriors, today tourist draw: Polish city trying to cash in on Teutonic knights

Poles hope deadly knights will now bring some good

Germany holds memorial service for victims of Love Parade

Germany: memorial service for Love Parade victims

German Muslim group: professional soccer players can break fast during Ramadan

German soccer gets ruling on Ramadan fasting

Experts slam organizers over Germany festival stampede as prosecutors announce criminal probe

Experts slam organizers over Germany stampede

Pew survey: Europeans generally back bans on face-covering Islamic veils, most Americans don’t

Survey: Europeans back veil ban, Americans opposed

AP INTERVIEW: Jewish, Catholic leaders say Oberammergau Passion Play more balanced

AP INTERVIEW: Passion Play called more balanced

Pope lays out terms for accused German bishop to resume work; urges forgiveness

Pope lays out terms for accused German bishop

Former Germany bishop accused of misconduct agrees he was right to resign

Germany bishop who resigned sticks to his decision

German bishop facing sex abuse claims says he was pressured into resignation by his peers

Bishop says he was pressured into resignation

Investigator’s report says at least 205 ex-students claim abuse at Jesuit schools in Germany

Germany: 205 claims of abuse at Jesuit schools

German villagers re-enact Christ’s passion in 400-year-old tradition

Once-a-decade passion play opening

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany — Time advances slowly in this Alpine village, measured in decade-long spans between performances of Oberammergau’s nearly 400-year-old enactment of the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Pope insists bad seeds in priesthood don’t obscure good work done by church

Pope: Bad seeds in priesthood can’t obscure good

No evidence German bishop sexually abused children

AUGSBURG - There is no proof that embattled German Bishop Walter Mixa sexually abused children, a prosecutor said Friday.

Diocese says German Catholic bishop has offered resignation amid physical abuse scandal.

German bishop offers to resign over abuse

BERLIN — A leading conservative Roman Catholic bishop in Germany has written to Pope Benedict XVI offering to resign amid persistent allegations of physical abuse of children and financial misconduct, the Augsburg Diocese said Thursday.

Report: German bishop offers resignation amid flap over physical abuse claims

Report: German bishop offers to quit

BERLIN — A German bishop is offering his resignation after a flap over allegations of physical abuse and financial misconduct, his hometown newspaper reported Wednesday.

Washington archdiocese names German priest ordered home from US over abuse allegations

DC church officials ID German priest ordered home

German court orders Bishop Williamson to pay fine for denying Holocaust

Bishop convicted for denying Holocaust

BERLIN — A German court convicted ultraconservative British Bishop Richard Williamson on Friday of denying the Holocaust in a television interview.

German court convicts bishop Williamson of incitement for denying Holocaust; issues fine

Bishop Williamson convicted of Holocaust denial

German court begins proceedings against British bishop for allegedly denying Holocaust

Bishop tried for allegedly denying Holocaust

Belgium moves to ban burqa as fears of national identity, security and jobs swirl in Europe

Europe struggles with Muslim dress code

ANTWERP, Belgium — Chances of seeing a burqa in Belgium are only a little better than spotting a liquor shop in Saudi Arabia. Yet Belgium soon may be the first European nation to outlaw the burqa and other Islamic garb that completely hides a woman’s body and face.

German theologian Kueng urges bishops to pressure pope on reforming church in crisis

German theologian urges bishops to disobey pope

Hot lines in Europe log massive jump in calls alleging abuse by Catholic priests

European abuse hot lines log jump in calls

Church says Norway bishop resigned in 2009 after admitting to child abuse allegations

Church: Norway bishop resigned in ‘09 over abuse

German bishop attacked during Easter service, is unhurt after fighting off assailant

German bishop attacked during Easter service

As Easter nears amid scandal, Catholics find ties to the church tested in painful ways

Catholics find ties to the church tested by crisis

Egypt President returned home 3 weeks after gall bladder surgery in Germany

Egypt’s Mubarak returns home 3 weeks after surgery

Germany’s Regensburg diocese says 6 people accused of abuse, asks for forgiveness

German diocese say 6 accused over abuse

REGENSBURG, Germany — The Regensburg diocese in the pope’s native Bavaria says six people there face sexual abuse allegations, many of them dating back decades.

Treasures from Aga Khan collection displayed in Berlin, show underlines breadth of Islamic art

Aga Khan’s Islamic treasures go on show in Berlin

Egypt TV shows first images of president following operation in German hospital

First post-op images of Egyptian president appear

German bishop says he did not expect so many sexual abuse cases

German bishop surprised at number of abuse cases

Pope’s former diocese admits error over abuse priest in 1980, says pontiff unaware

Pope’s former diocese admits error over priest

German Catholic official: Pope’s brother’s apology to abuse victims a ‘wonderful sign’

Official: Pope brother’s apology ‘wonderful sign’

Muslim street wear from Germany spreads across Europe with trendy designs, tolerant message

Muslim fashion label conquers streets of Europe

Pope’s brother to daily: I’d testify in boy’s choir sex abuse scandal but I know nothing

Pope’s brother says he would testify in abuse case

Egyptian president undergoes gall bladder operation, hands over power to prime minister

Egyptian president has gall bladder operation

Egyptian president to have gall bladder operation, hands over power to prime minister

Egyptian president to have gall bladder operation

Former member of German Catholic boys’ choir alleges abuse while Pope’s brother was in charge

Pope’s brother’s choir faces abuse claims

BERLIN — The Regensburg Diocese says a former member claims he was abused while singing with Germany’s leading Roman Catholic boys’ choir that was led for 30 years by the brother of Pope Benedict XVI.

Head of German Lutheran church gets support from fellow leaders after DUI stop

German Lutheran church leader gets support

German director depicts Muslims’ struggles with challenges to faith in Berlin festival film

Berlin film follows Muslims struggling with crises

German dentist refuses to treat boy named Jihad

DONAUESCHINGEN - A German dentist refused to treat a 16-year-old boy this week because his first name means Jihad, the youth’s father said Friday.

Pope, recalling days right after World War II, say end of Nazi rule in Germany made him happy

Pope: End of Nazism made me happy

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI says the end of Nazi rule in his homeland of Germany made him happy and allowed him to resume studies for the priesthood.