Northern Ireland monitors say Protestant militants killed Belfast man, broke peace promises

Experts: Belfast militants killed man, broke truce

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair receives Liberty Medal at Philadelphia ceremony

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Archbishop: Vatican rejects resignations of 2 Dublin bishops linked to child abuse cover-ups

Vatican rejects resignations of 2 Dublin bishops

‘Disney theme park for rioting’: Belfast leaders decry children’s zeal for fighting police

Belfast leaders decry youths’ zeal for rioting

Belfast police dodge gunfire in 3rd night of unrest; priest decries ‘theme park for rioting’

Police dodge gunfire in 3rd night of Belfast riots

82 police injured in Northern Ireland’s 2 nights of Catholic riots; politicians plead for calm

82 police injured in Belfast’s 2 nights of riots

Belfast faces big cleanup after 2 nights of riots; 55 police officers hurt in clashes

Belfast faces big cleanup after 2 nights of riots

Belfast police, masked Catholic rioters clash in protest over Protestant parade

Belfast police, Catholic rioters clash over parade

Protestants march across Northern Ireland after night of Catholic riots; 27 officers injured

Orangemen march after Belfast riot; 27 police hurt

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Breaking Gaza blockade could lead to missile attacks

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents attacks

Turkey’s parliament urges government to review political, military ties with Israel

Turkish lawmakers urge govt to review Israel ties

Pope appoints nine-member panel to investigate Ireland abuse in fall

Pope appoints panel to investigate Ireland abuse

Pope OKs resignation of Irish bishop who didn’t challenge Dublin policy of keeping abuse quiet

Irish bishop resigns, says he didn’t report abuse

Ireland’s Catholic cardinal hospitalized after falling ill at church service; condition stable

Irish Catholic cardinal falls ill, hospitalized

Archbishop of Canterbury says Irish church lost ‘credibility’ over sex abuse scandal

Anglican leader: Irish church lost its credibility

As Easter nears amid scandal, Catholics find ties to the church tested in painful ways

Catholics find ties to the church tested by crisis

End of an Irish Catholic era: Limerick pubs to open Good Friday, defy nation’s ‘dry’ holy day

Irish pubs to open on Good Friday for first time

Opponent turned peacebroker, Northern Ireland firebrand Ian Paisley makes Parliament exit

Northern Ireland firebrand makes Parliament exit

Pope accepts resignation of Irish Bishop John Magee in sex abuse scandal

Pope accepts resignation of Irish bishop

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday accepted the resignation of Irish Bishop John Magee in the country’s sex abuse scandal.

Green globe: 70 million Irish at home, abroad cheer St. Patrick’s Day from Sydney to San Fran

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Pope hopes letter to Irish on church abuse helps process of ‘repentance, healing and renewal’

Pope hopes letter to Irish helps healing

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI says he hopes his upcoming letter to Irish Catholics on the sex abuse scandal in the Irish Church helps with the process of “repentance, healing and renewal.”

Vatican official: pope will be ‘clear and decisive’ in letter responding to Irish sex scandal

Pope to be ‘clear and decisive’ in Irish letter

Northern Ireland lawmakers vote to support next step in Catholic-Protestant cooperation

The Dalai Lama

Northern Ireland Assembly to vote on next power-sharing step; No. 2 Protestant party says ‘no’

NIreland Assembly to vote on next peacemaking step

Catholic diocese in Ireland’s child-abuse scandals appeals to faithful to help pay legal bills

Catholic diocese seeks cash to pay Irish victims

Massacre or myth? Academics explore 4,000 accounts of 1641 killings of Protestants in Ireland

Experts explore 1641 Irish slayings of Protestants

Protestant firebrand-turned-peacemaker Ian Paisley to quit British Parliament after 40 years

NIreland’s Paisley to quit Parliament after 40 yrs

Real IRA splinter group says it killed Northern Ireland man; body found semi-naked by roadside

Real IRA faction says it ‘executed’ NIreland man

Northern Ireland breakthrough sustains Catholic-Protestant government _ but more crises likely

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N. Ireland to take over law-and-order powers in deal that saves Catholic-Protestant coalition

Scorpio Horoscope Love Compatibility for Scorpio man and woman

Timeline of Northern Ireland’s struggle to form a unity government

Timeline of Belfast struggle for unity government

Northern Ireland’s Protestant leader reveals breakthrough with Catholics to save power-sharing

Protestants accept deal to save NIreland govt

Sinn Fein: Talks end with Northern Ireland’s Protestants but new deal possible on justice dept

Sinn Fein: Belfast talks over, new pact possible

Ireland irate over Encyclopaedia Britannica’s past mangled history of Irish Civil War

US encyclopedia sorry for Irish history snafu

Protestant lawmaker says 39 pct reject proposed new Belfast power-sharing deal with Catholics

Protestant split imperils new Belfast deal

Politician: Protestant party badly split over new Belfast power-sharing deal; 39 pc say ‘no’

Politician: Protestant split over new Belfast deal

Diplomatic push to save Catholic-Protestant coalition in Northern Ireland suffers new delay

Northern Ireland deal temporarily delayed

HILLSBOROUGH, Northern Ireland — Northern Ireland’s major British Protestant party unexpectedly held back Monday from accepting a deal with its Irish Catholic partners to save their 2½-year-old administration.

Northern Ireland leaders: New power-sharing pact to save Catholic-Protestant coalition is near

NIreland Catholics, Protestants close to new pact

Belfast foes break deadline in round-the-clock talks, struggle to seal new power-sharing pact

NIreland parties struggling to save coalition pact

Belfast rivals edge near new power-sharing deal; British, Irish premiers hope for breakthrough

NIreland parties near deal to save coalition pact

UK, Irish premiers offer compromise to save Belfast power-sharing, but leave with no deal

UK, Dublin offer compromise plan for NIreland

UK, Irish premiers unveil ‘pathway’ to save Belfast power-sharing _ but end talks with no deal

UK, Irish premiers offer path to new Belfast deal

British, Irish premiers cancel parliament events for final push on new Northern Ireland accord

Northern Ireland talks face critical day

HILLSBOROUGH, Northern Ireland — The prime ministers of Britain and Ireland canceled their parliament appearances Wednesday to keep pushing politicians in Northern Ireland into a new compromise to save the region’s Catholic-Protestant government.

British, Irish premiers work to salvage Northern Ireland’s Catholic-Protestant government