Armenian Christians celebrate Mass at ancient island church in Turkey in reconciliation effort

Armenian Christians celebrate rare Mass in Turkey

Turks step closer to EU with referendum vote, but membership is still a glimmer

Turkey: nation on a dual course

ISTANBUL — Turks took a step closer to Europe by voting for constitutional changes aimed at bringing the country into line with European standards of democracy. Yet it was also a massive show of confidence in an Islamic-rooted government whose closer ties with Iran and hostility toward Israel have caused dismay in the West.

History in shadows: Exhibition in Turkey tells of Muslim world’s contributions to science

1001 Inventions: Science in Muslim lands

ISTANBUL — For generations, the lore of “One Thousand and One Nights” helped shape Western notions about Muslim culture. The collection of tales described an exotic world of harems and flying carpets, Sinbad and monsters, Aladdin and the jinn, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.

Stray cats strut Istanbul’s streets, a symbol of tradition in a churning metropolis

Cat culture thrives in Istanbul

ISTANBUL — When President Obama visited Turkey last year, he paused to stroke a tabby cat at the former Byzantine church of Haghia Sophia while Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan looked on with a smile. The cat, one of half a dozen living at the ancient site, seemed unfazed by the VIP attention.

Turkey’s Erdogan emerging as leader in Muslim world, hosting Arab league on home soil

Turkey’s Erdogan: emerging leader in Muslim world

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Breaking Gaza blockade could lead to missile attacks

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents attacks

Turkish lawmakers urge review of ties with Israel; All activists to be deported from Israel

Israel deports all activists from Gaza-bound ships

Turkey’s parliament urges government to review political, military ties with Israel

Turkish lawmakers urge govt to review Israel ties

Turkey says Israel to release all Turks from aid ships, prepares big welcome for activists

Turkey: Israel to release all Turks from aid ships

Report: Turkish police detain 18 more military officers over alleged coup plot

Report: 18 more Turkish officers detained

ANKARA, Turkey — Television reports say Turkish police have detained 18 more military officers over an alleged 2003 coup plot.

31 Turkish military officers charged in plot to topple the Islamic-rooted government

Turkish PM: All linked to coup plot will be tried

31 high-ranking Turkish officers charged in plot to topple the Islamic-rooted government

31 Turkish officers charged in coup plot

ANKARA, Turkey — A Turkish court on Friday charged 11 more military officers for allegedly plotting a 2003 coup against the Islamic-based government, increasing the number of officers jailed to 31 — including seven admirals and four generals.

31 high-ranking Turkish officers charged over plot to topple the Islamic-rooted government

31 Turkish officers charged over coup plot

Turkish court releases ex-Navy, Air Force chiefs without charges in coup plot

Turkish court frees ex-Navy, Air Force chiefs

Pope John Paul II gunman looks for movie, book deals

ISTANBUL - The assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in St Peter’s Square may have taken place almost 30 years ago, but the event remains seared in the minds of many around the world.