Poll: Majority of Israelis see non-Orthodox converts a part of Jewish people

Poll: Israelis view non-Orthodox converts as Jews

In Israel, life comes to a halt as Jews mark solemn fasting day of Yom Kippur

Israel grinds to a halt for Yom Kippur fasting day

Holy day Internet blackout on ministry websites fuels secular, religious tensions

Internet holy day blackout imposed in Israel

West Ham manager Grant to miss match at Stoke due to clash with Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur

Grant to miss West Ham match due to Yom Kippur

For Israelis, a new point of contention: What time is it?

A new spat in Israel: What time is it?

JERUSALEM — When Israel moved its clocks back early Sunday in preparation for the holy fast day of Yom Kippur, people in this high-decibel society found something new to disagree about: the time of day.

New mosque opens peacefully in Philly suburb _ next door to synagogue, near Baptist church

Pa. mosque opens peacefully near synagogue, church

Tens of thousands of Hasidic celebrate Jewish New Year at spiritual leader’s tomb in Ukraine

50,000 Hasidic mark Jewish New Year in Ukraine

Skepticism about peace mixes with festive atmosphere as Israelis usher in Jewish new year

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

US State Department calls Quran burning plan un-American; Fla. pastor says he’ll do it anyway

US church to go ahead with Sept. 11 Quran burning

‘I would take them down,’ NY synagogue plot suspect says in tapes played for jury

NY synagogue plot suspect heard boasting on tape

Palestinian President Abbas: Peace talks with Israel doomed if settlement building continues

Abbas: No peace talks with settlement building

Influential Israeli rabbi says Palestinians and their leader should perish

Influential Israeli rabbi says Abbas should perish

Russia dismisses US court ruling to hand over Hasidic Jewish library to NY group

Russia refuses to turn over Jewish library to US

More than matzo balls: With locusts and deer, Jerusalem dinner shakes up the kosher kitchen

More than matzo balls: Kosher cooking revisited

Israel temporarily shelves conversion bill that angered American Jews

Israel: Controversial conversion bill shelved

Maryland tries to balance security, sensitivity to faith in death row inmates’ final moments

Md. weighs allowing inmates’ own clergy at death

Israel’s Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill, fearing rift in Jewish world

Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill

Religious conversion bill moves ahead in Israel’s parliament, angering liberal Jews

Liberal groups slam new Israel law on conversion

AP INTERVIEW: Jewish, Catholic leaders say Oberammergau Passion Play more balanced

AP INTERVIEW: Passion Play called more balanced

2 rabbis pull Hawaii Gov. Lingle in opposite directions on contentious civil unions bill

Hawaii gov consults with rabbis on civil unions

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox add market clout to arsenal of pressure tactics

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox turn to consumer clout

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Breaking Gaza blockade could lead to missile attacks

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents attacks

Turkish lawmakers urge review of ties with Israel; All activists to be deported from Israel

Israel deports all activists from Gaza-bound ships

Turkey’s parliament urges government to review political, military ties with Israel

Turkish lawmakers urge govt to review Israel ties

Turkey says Israel to release all Turks from aid ships, prepares big welcome for activists

Turkey: Israel to release all Turks from aid ships

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel visits Israel for son’s bar mitzvah celebration

Protesters rally outside the White House

White House Chief of Staff Emanuel in Israel for son’s bar mitzvah celebration

WH chief of staff in Israel for son’s bar mitzvah

German villagers re-enact Christ’s passion in 400-year-old tradition

Once-a-decade passion play opening

OBERAMMERGAU, Germany — Time advances slowly in this Alpine village, measured in decade-long spans between performances of Oberammergau’s nearly 400-year-old enactment of the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest removal of ancient graves to make way for new emergency room

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest grave removal

Army, Navy, Air Force meld military and faith traditions with chaplains school at Fort Jackson

Joint school for chaplains opens at Fort Jackson

SAfrican judge who wrote Gaza report to attend grandson’s bar mitzvah, says protest called off

Gaza report judge to attend grandson’s bar mitzvah

Gaza report judge won’t attend grandson’s bar mitzvah in S.Africa, cites talks with critics

SAfrican judge says he won’t attend bar mitzvah

NJ regulators issue warning to Jewish artifact burial site; neighbors call it illegal dump

Jewish artifact burial site raises concerns in NJ

Matzoh, a dry Passover fare for Jews, is a mysterious favorite among Israel’s Arabs

Why do Israel’s Arabs like eating matzoh?

UMM EL-FAHM, Israel — Many Jewish Israelis can’t stand the stuff, so there’s something mind-boggling about their Arab compatriots: Why in the world do they choose to eat matzoh?

Obamas to host Passover Seder at White House with aides, friends

President Barack Obama

On eve of Passover, polls shows Israelis concerned about their international standing

President Barack Obama
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Israel’s Chief Rabbinate finds fake Passover matzah, warns people to be on lookout

Israeli rabbis warn about fake Passover matzah

Galilee ruins, thought to be synagogue, now seen as palace of Muslim caliphs

Wrong religion: Israeli ruins re-identified

Israeli leader regrets crisis with Washington, but apology gets cool reception in Washington

The White House
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Egypt cancels synagogue unveiling, citing Israeli maltreatment of Palestinians

Egypt cancels unveiling of restored synagogue

From Israel, a new way to boost organ donation, but some see a religious problem

From Israel, a radical way to boost organ donation

Jewish retiree creates stir by taking Vatican’s side in dispute over Pope Pius’ wartime role

Jewish retiree creates stir defending Pope Pius

Egypt says it is dedicated to restoring all the country’s synagogues

Egypt to pay for restoration of all synagogues

Israel’s military names new chief rabbi to replace one mixing religion and politics

Israel names new chief military rabbi

JERUSALEM — Israel on Wednesday appointed a new chief military rabbi to replace a polarizing figure critics say injected a militant mix of religion and nationalism into the secular institution.

Israel’s military names new chief rabbi to replace one who stirred controversy

Controversial chief military rabbi ends term

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis demand boycott of community’s own Web sites in attempt to keep control

Ultra-Orthodox seek boycott of their own Web sites

Rabbi wants to buy Libyan-owned mansion in Bergen County, NJ, create Jewish learning center

Rabbi wants to buy Libyan estate in NJ

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. — A rabbi who lives next door to the New Jersey mansion where Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi sought to stay during his first U.S. visit wants to buy the site and turn it into a Jewish learning center.

Confusion over Jewish prayer ritual leads pilot to divert Kentucky flight to Philadelphia

Pilot diverts jet over teen’s in-flight prayer

Pope, Jewish leaders disagree over Pius actions to save Jews during World War II

Pope defends Pius against Jewish critics

ROME — In a synagogue visit haunted by history, Pope Benedict XVI and Jewish leaders sparred Sunday over the record of the World War II-era pope during the Holocaust and agreed on the need to strengthen Catholic-Jewish relations.

Pope defends predecessor Pius against critics, saying he worked quietly to save Jews

Pope defends Pius against critics

ROME AP) — In a synagogue visit haunted by history, Pope Benedict XVI and Jewish leaders sparred Sunday over the record of the World II-era pope during the Holocaust and agreed on the need to strengthen Catholic-Jewish relations.