In concept drawings, NYC Islamic center sports cosmopolitan look, secular focus

On paper, NY Islamic center looks modern, secular

White descendants gather to honor 1st black US doctor, put tombstone on his unmarked NYC grave

Descendants of 1st black US doctor mark NYC grave

Muslim groups meet in New York, support proposed Islamic center, call for interfaith dialogue

Muslim groups back Islamic center near ground zero

Muslim summit planned as backers of NYC Islamic center seek to gel support

Muslim summit planned over NYC Islamic center

Amid furor over NYC mosque, nation pauses to remember victims of Sept. 11

U.S. President Barack Obama

Investor in proposed NYC mosque site turns down Donald Trump’s offer to buy him out

NY mosque investor declines Trump’s buyout offer

Donald Trump offers to buy out major investor in NYC mosque site near ground zero

Trump offers to buy out investor in NY mosque site

Who will define ground zero? 9 years after 9/11, tug of war over ’sacred ground’ grows heated

9 years gone, everyone’s a ground zero stakeholder

NY Muslim groups decry hostile atmosphere, say bigotry shouldn’t impede Islamic institutions

NY Muslim groups decry hostile atmosphere

NEW YORK — It is “unethical, insensitive and inhumane” to oppose the planned mosque near ground zero, more than 50 leading Muslim organizations said Wednesday as they cast the intense debate as a symptom of religious intolerance in America.

Developer says Islamic center planned near ground zero should be known as ‘hub of coexistence’

Developer behind NYC mosque talks about his vision

Developers behind proposed NYC Islamic cultural center, mosque near ground zero form nonprofit

Developers of planned NYC mosque form nonprofit

NYC community board head wants interfaith center to be part of proposed mosque project

NYC community board head wants interfaith center