Day Of The Dead 2010 Celebration Photos
MEXICO ( -- The Day of the Dead (El Da de los Muertos in Spanish) happens to be a Mexican and Mexican-American celebration of deceased ancestors which takes place on the November 1 and November 2, coinciding with the much similar Roman Catholic celebrations of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - Gay rights activists and a group of Roman Catholics in Mexico have yelled insults at each other during dueling demonstrations over same-sex marriage.

MEXICO CITY - Mexico City's leftist mayor says he will take legal action if a Roman Catholic cardinal doesn't apologize for suggesting he bribed the Supreme Court to uphold a city law allowing adoptions by same-sex couples.

MEXICO CITY - Mexico's Supreme Court voted Monday to uphold a Mexico City law allowing adoptions by same-sex couples, drawing jubilant cheers from gay advocacy groups and angry protests from Roman Catholic Church representatives.

MEXICO CITY - Mexico's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a law allowing same-sex marriages in Mexico City is constitutional, rejecting an appeal by federal prosecutors who argued it violated the charter's guarantees to protect the family.
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