ST. LOUIS - An atheist is suing to force the administrators of a towering cross in southern Illinois to return a $20,000 state grant toward its restoration, saying Thursday it was "blatantly unconstitutional" to spend taxpayer money on a Christian symbol.

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The search by the booming North American population of Amish for affordable, fertile farmland has produced settlements in 28 states and Ontario - and has even led parties to scout recently for suitable properties in Alaska and Mexico.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Catholic priest whose admitted abuse of boys in the 1980s led to a $5 million settlement in Wisconsin has been suspended as a volunteer with Special Olympics Missouri.

ST. LOUIS - Farmers sold pigs to help raise money to build the towering cross on southern Illinois' highest point as a year-round testament to faith.

ST. LOUIS - The Missouri History Museum in St.
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