MELILLA, Spain - In this crowded and muggy speck of Europe perched on Africa's shoulder, with the Mediterranean to one side and gigantic Morocco to the other, a person might be forgiven for going a little stir crazy.

MELILLA, Spain - Activists in Morocco who have twice blockaded food shipments into a Spanish enclave in the last week to protest alleged abuses by border police agreed Wednesday to suspend their demonstrations until September, when the holy Islamic month of Ramadan ends, a merchants association said.

MELILLA, Spain - Truckers have halted food shipments from Morocco to the Spanish enclave of Melilla as protesters accuse Spanish police of brutality and racism against Moroccans who cross into the tiny city on the North African coast.

MADRID - Demonstrators in Morocco slapped a commercial blockade on a Spanish enclave Thursday, allowing in only some trucks in a dispute over alleged police violence and racism against Moroccans entering the city.

RABAT - The Moroccan government will close 1,256 mosques found to be "unsafe" to avoid the repeat of a minaret collapse that killed 41 people in February this year.
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