Aides: Iraq’s prime minister gets strong boost from Shiite cleric

Aides: Iraqi Shiite cleric backs al-Maliki

After 6 months, health care law not a winner for nervous Dems, White House giving it a boost

Obama, White House boosting health law at 6 months

Bahrain widens crackdown on Shiites by revoking citizenship of powerful cleric

Bahrain revokes citizenship of top Shiite cleric

Turks step closer to EU with referendum vote, but membership is still a glimmer

Turkey: nation on a dual course

ISTANBUL — Turks took a step closer to Europe by voting for constitutional changes aimed at bringing the country into line with European standards of democracy. Yet it was also a massive show of confidence in an Islamic-rooted government whose closer ties with Iran and hostility toward Israel have caused dismay in the West.

Ramadan TV show focuses on darker side of Muslim Brotherhood, provoking controversy in Egypt

Egypt TV show stirs debate over Muslim Brotherhood

Iraqi prime minister says his country is independent, sovereign as US ends combat operations

US President Barack Obama

Obama’s ex-pastor: People who wrongly think president is Muslim catering to political enemies

President Barack Obama
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Obama’s former pastor calls people who wrongly believe president is Muslim ‘psychopaths’

Barack Obama
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Kenya defends failure to arrest genocide-charged Sudanese president; cites national interest

Kenya: Sudan presidential visit ‘in our interest’

Sen. Kennedy’s family marks anniversary of his death with Mass, renaming of health center

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Catholic Church says it helped son of Cuban revolutionary hero win permission to travel to US

Church helps son of ex-Cuban leader leave for US

Mexican Catholics, gay rights activists face off for second day over same-sex marriage debate

Mexican Catholics, gay rights protesters face off

Mother of dead Cuban hunger striker holds march without incident after weeks of confrontations

Mom of dead Cuban hunger striker allowed to march

Cuba Church says it was right to broker prisoner release, in answer to dissidents’ complaints

Cuba Church defends brokering prisoner release

GOP candidates label Obama insensitive for backing right of Muslims to build mosque near WTC

Barack Obama (Waxwork)
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Amnesty International calls on Cuba to stop disrupting marches by dead hunger striker’s mother

Amnesty: Cuba harassing dead hunger striker’s mom

Mormon church reaffirms opposition to gay marriage as Argentina weighs legalization

Mormon church restates opposition to gay marriage

Catholic Church says Cuba agrees to free 52 political prisoners, nearly a third of all held

The White House
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Malaysia appoints 1st female Islamic court judges to curb discrimination against women

Malaysia appoints 1st female Islamic court judges

Catholic Church says Cuba offers to free 52 political prisoners, let them leave country

Church: Cuba offers to free 52 political prisoners

FM: Spain ’satisfied’ with Catholic Church’s work on human rights in Cuba, but wants more

FM: Spain wants more progress on Cuba human rights

Catholic Church seeks pardons in Chile, including some guilty of crimes against humanity

Church asks Chile pardons, including rights abuses

Islamist hard-liners in Indonesia target Christians; government at a loss to respond

Indonesian Islamists open front against Christians

Meet next wave of tea party candidates, looking to upend status quo from Alaska to Tennessee

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Candidate says Murfreesboro mosque part of movement to fracture Tenn’s moral foundation

Candidate denounces Murfreesboro mosque proposal

Vatican foreign minister visits Cuba as opposition hopes for more prisoner releases, transfers

Vatican foreign minister in Cuba amid high hopes

Top Cuban official: US has ‘no moral authority’ to applaud its release of political prisoner

Official: US lacks moral authority to judge Cuba

Judge in historic gay marriage trial challenges lawyers with tough closing argument questions

CA gay marriage trial to resume after long break

Documents provide some idea of Kagan’s views on abortion and other hot-button issues

Documents show Kagan a political pragmatist

Kagan memos as Clinton aide touch on abortion limits, religious rights, sentencing guidelines

Kagan memos on abortion limits, religious rights

Pope calls for solidarity in world’s finances, says ethics must guide all action

Pope calls for ethics in world economy

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI called Saturday for ethics and solidarity in the world’s financial system, rebuking governments he said failed to act properly in the face of speculation that hurts poorer nations.

Souder mistress, part-time aide resigns after GOP Ind. congressman admits extramarital affair

Souder’s mistress resigns after he admits affair

8-term Republican Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana says he’ll resign over affair with staff member

Ind. GOP Rep. Souder says he’ll resign over affair

Abortion foes fought Obama health care, now use new law to expand state limits on procedure