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FALLS CHURCH, Va. - President Barack Obama is touting benefits taking effect this week under the health care law he signed six months ago, including provisions allowing young adults to stay on their family's health plans until they turn 26.
Mosque debate divides Democrats, especially in NY
NEW YORK - As vulnerable congressional Democrats weigh how to respond to President Barack Obama's statements on Muslims' right to build a mosque near ground zero, those in New York and closest to the controversy are staying silent or scrambling away.
GOP calls Obama insensitive over stand on mosque
WASHINGTON - Republican candidates around the country seized on President Barack Obama's support for the right of Muslims to build a mosque near ground zero, assailing him as an elitist who is insensitive to the families of the Sept.
GOP senator suggests mosque will be election issue
WASHINGTON - A Republican senator is suggesting there could be political fallout from President Barack Obama's remarks about building a mosque near the site of the Sept.

ABUJA, Nigeria - The leader of Nigeria's ruling party said Thursday that he believed the West African nation's president should be allowed to run in next year's election, despite a power-sharing agreement that calls for a candidate from the Muslim north.
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