After 6 months, health care law not a winner for nervous Dems, White House giving it a boost

Obama, White House boosting health law at 6 months

NY Democrats silent or shying away from Obama’s stance on mosque construction near ground zero

U.S. President Barack Obama

GOP candidates label Obama insensitive for backing right of Muslims to build mosque near WTC

Barack Obama (Waxwork)
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GOP senator suggests Obama remarks on mosque in NY will be considered by voters this fall

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Nigeria ruling party leader supports Christian president, despite rule calling for Muslim

Nigeria: Ruling party leader supports president

Nevada’s Angle says she’s at ‘war’ to stop Democrats who want to ‘make government our God’

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Gingrich, possible 2012 presidential contender, latest nat’l Republican to oppose NYC mosque

Sarah Palin
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Utah GOP Senate candidates struggle to differentiate themselves following Bennett’s defeat

GOP Senate opponents struggle to differentiate

Reid’s new ‘angle’ on re-election is trying to define GOP rival Sharron Angle as too extreme

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Harry Reid campaign hits Republican on Scientology, Social Security, Medicare in new ad

Reid ad slams GOP nominee on Scientology, Medicare

Right-wing alliance possible after indecicive Dutch election, but talks likely to take months

Anti-Islam party might join Dutch Cabinet

AMSTERDAM — A hard right-wing government including the anti-Islam party of populist Geert Wilders emerged as an increasing possibility Thursday, as Dutch voters weighed the inconclusive outcome of a national election.

Coalition talks to begin after polarized Dutch voters back both right and left parties

Polarized Dutch voters back right and left parties

Pro-business VVD party claims win in Dutch elections, tough coalition talks ahead

Pro-business party claims win in Dutch elections

Pro-business VVD party takes the lead in Dutch elections, tough coalition talks ahead

Pro-business party leads in Dutch election

Republicans in Nevada pick tea party candidate to take on Sen. Reid in November showdown

GOP picks NV tea party candidate in Reid battle

Nevada Republicans seeking a candidate to take down Sen. Harry Reid

Republicans ask: Who can beat Sen. Harry Reid?

Nevada tea party candidate tests limits of anti-government mood, scrambles GOP Senate race

Tea party candidate is Nevada hopeful on the rise

Republicans scramble to hold onto seat of 8-term Rep. Souder after resignation over affair

GOP’s Souder latest politician with sex troubles

8-term Republican Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana says he’ll resign over affair with staff member

Ind. GOP Rep. Souder says he’ll resign over affair

House Dems: Health care bill will reduce deficit by more than $10B over 10 years