Thousands of Serb pilgrims gather in western Kosovo for enthronement of Serbian patriarch

Serb pilgrims gather in Kosovo for enthronement

Election gains by anti-immigration party shatters Sweden’s image as bastion of tolerance

Anti-immigration sentiment grows in Sweden

Farrakhan backs planned mosque near ground zero, says Muslims among those killed on Sept. 11

President Barack Obama

EEOC alleges Muslim Somali workers face harassment at JBS meatpacking plants in Colo., Neb.

Suits: Muslims harassed at JBS meatpacking plants

EEOC lawsuits allege Muslim Somali workers harrassed at JBS meatpacking plants in Colo., Neb.

Suits: Muslims harrassed at JBS meatpacking plants

5 years after crisis in Spanish enclave in North Africa, a different conflict simmers

Tensions simmer in Spanish enclave in North Africa

Moroccan protesters block goods from entering Spanish enclave of Melilla

Moroccan protesters block Spanish enclave border

FBI director defends bureau’s domestic surveillance guidelines, says no racial targeting

Mueller says no racial targeting with guidelines

Nation of Islam leader accuses Jews of ‘anti-black’ behavior, asks for dialogue

Farrakhan charges Jews with ‘anti-black’ behavior

Karachi wracked by spate of targeted killings, reflection of problems throughout Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari

Hundreds in Phoenix protest against illegal immigration bill as gov seeks more border troops

US President Barack Obama

Kachin ethnic group negotiates for peace in Myanmar, but ready themselves for prospect of war

Ethnic group in Myanmar gears up for war, peace

London’s Jewish Museum reopens after major facelift, telling story of pride and prejudice

London Jewish Museum reopens after major facelift

Texas ed board adopts new social studies standards that reflect ultra-conservatives’ influence

Texas ed board adopts social studies standards

China says it expects further attacks by Xinjiang separatists, calls them ‘doomed to failure’

China expects further Xinjiang separatist attacks

In DC gay marriage debate, message focused on references to civil rights, interracial marriage

In DC, blacks were crucial to gay marriage debate

Court upholds Malaysia’s ban on book about 2001 racial clash, concerned it could be disruptive

Malaysia court upholds ban on book on racial clash

Vandals try to torch Muslim prayer room in Malaysia amid religious strains over ‘Allah’ ban

Muslim prayer room set afire amid Malaysia tension

On eve of King holiday, Obama asks parishioners to keep their faith in spite of hard times