Indian court rules Hindus, Muslims should share disputed Ayodhya holy site

Indian court: Hindus, Muslims must share holy site

Radical Muslim sect kills 2 more in targeted, motorcycle slayings terrorizing north Nigeria

Nigeria: 2 die in targeted Muslim sect slayings

Kuwait strips hard-line Shiite activist of citizenship after claims of blasphemy

Kuwait strips Shiite activist of citizenship

Amid furor over NYC mosque, nation pauses to remember victims of Sept. 11

U.S. President Barack Obama

Activists hold dueling demonstrations over NYC mosque after annual Sept. 11 ceremony

Barack Obama

Supporters of Islamic center gather for rally after 9/11 memorial; protest also planned

Barack Obama
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Sept. 11 events progress with victims in mind but under shadow of Islam controversies

President Barack Obama
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First, Sept. 11 anniversary will be about the victims. Then it will be about the mosque

Barack Obama

As Afghans protest; Florida pastor says he won’t burn Qurans if he can meet with NY imam

The White House
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Fla. pastor, imam at odds over deal to cancel Quran-burning in exchange for moving NYC mosque


Imam: Pastor ’stretched my words’ about deal to cancel Quran burning in turn for moving mosque

US President Barack Obama

Fla. pastor cancels Quran-burning, then reconsiders, saying imam lied about moving NYC mosque

US President Barack Obama
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Fla. minister still set to burn Quran despite pressure from White House, generals, ministers

The White House
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In secular Syria, a TV soap raises controversy by criticizing Muslim hard-liners

Sex, violence, Islam: Syrian TV soap raises drama

America the Tolerant: NYC mosque dispute prompts reflection on a notion as old as the republic

The Dalai Lama

Religious minorities in Indonesia pushing back against Islamic hard-liners, violence

Religious minorities in Indonesia push back

Attack on mosque in Nigeria launches religious violence that leaves 5 dead

Nigeria: 5 die in new religious violence

JALINGO, Nigeria — An attack on a mosque by youths in eastern Nigeria erupted into bloodshed, leaving at least five people dead as religious violence continued between Christians and Muslims in Africa’s most populous nation, witnesses and police said Wednesday.

Militants kill 3 in attack on house of member of moderate Sunni Muslim sect in western Iraq

3 die in Iraq attack on Sunni sect member’s house

Belfast police, masked Catholic rioters clash in protest over Protestant parade

Belfast police, Catholic rioters clash over parade

Islamist hard-liners in Indonesia target Christians; government at a loss to respond

Indonesian Islamists open front against Christians

Islamic hard-liners in Indonesia pledge war against Christians; government remains silent

Indonesian Islamists eye proselytizing Christians

Karachi wracked by spate of targeted killings, reflection of problems throughout Pakistan

Asif Ali Zardari

Funeral Mass held for Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in Turkey

Funeral Mass held for bishop slain in Turkey

Vatican charges international community ignores plight of Christians in the Middle East

Vatican says world ignores Christians in Mideast

Gunmen attack 2 mosques of minority sect during Friday prayers in Pakistan

2 minority sect mosques attacked in Pakistan

6 die in renewed religious violence in central Nigerian flashpoint between Christians, Muslims

Nigeria: 6 dead in religion-fueled violence in Jos

AP Exclusive: New Iraqi electoral alliance gives top Shiite clerics final say in disputes

AP Exclusive: Iraq deal gives clerics final say

New Iraqi electoral alliance gives top Shiite clerics final say over all disputes

Shiite clerics to have final say in Iraq alliance

Anti-US Shiite cleric calls on followers to defend themselves, places of worship after attacks

Shiite cleric calls on followers to defend mosques

Indonesian police guard court house as judges uphold controversial blasphemy law

Indonesia court upholds blasphemy law

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A decision by Indonesia’s constitutional court to uphold a controversial blasphemy law has dealt a severe blow to religious freedom in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, a rights group said Tuesday.

Survey: A quarter of Africans worry about future religious conflict; Nigeria, Rwanda top list

Africans worried about future religious conflict

Rival Lebanese politicians take battles to soccer field to mark 35th anniversary of civil war

Lebanese mark war’s outbreak with political soccer

German bishop attacked during Easter service, is unhurt after fighting off assailant

German bishop attacked during Easter service

Conflict between European artists and Muslims fuels concern about a clash of civilizations

Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims

Religious hatred, politics and poverty weave tapestry of violence across central Nigeria

Religious hatred, poverty behind Nigeria violence

Egypt’s top Muslim cleric, whose moderate views angered hard-liners, dies of heart attack

Egypt’s top Muslim cleric dies of heart attack

Amish farmer who refused to register livestock wins legal battle with Wis. regulators

Amish farmer wins fight over registering livestock

Automatic weapons fire breaks out in Nigerian town wracked by Christian-Muslim violence

Gunshots heard in violence-wracked Nigerian town

US urges Nigeria to prosecute those responsible after 200 slaughtered in religious violence

Nigeria urged to investigate religious violence

Nigeria: Rights group, US call for inquiry, credible prosecutions after religious violence

Nigeria: Calls for inquiry into religious violence

Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria including infants in latest religious violence flare-up

Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria religious violence

Clashes erupt at sacred and disputed compound in Jerusalem

Clashes erupt at sacred compound in Jerusalem

Palestinians: Israeli plan for disputed shrines could plunge region into ‘religious war’

Palestinian president warns of ‘religious war’

Christian group in Nigeria counts its dead after religious violence consumed Jos, villages

Nigerian Christians count dead after Jos violence

2 Americans detained in northern Iraq on visa violations after crossing from Kurdish region

2 Americans detained in Iraq on visa violations

‘Kill them before they kill you:’ Text messages offered chilling orders for Nigerian violence

Nigeria: Chilling messages sent before killings

Severed pig heads found at 2 Malaysian mosques following spate of attacks on churches

Pig heads left at Malaysian mosques amid tensions

Police: 326 people killed in central Nigeria after violence between Christians, Muslims

Police: 326 killed in Nigeria religious violence

After religious violence in Nigeria, horrors of death lurk in sewers, wells of village

Horrors of religious violence found in Nigeria

More than 200 people killed during Nigeria’s religious violence, rights group says

Group: More than 200 dead in Nigeria violence