Pope Benedict XVI in Scotland for historic 4-day state visit, admits failures in abuse scandal

Pope acknowledges church failures in abuse scandal

A brief collection of facts and figures related to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain

A brief look at the pope’s British visit

Pope Benedict XVI is the first pope to be accorded a state visit to Britain, meaning that he was invited by the monarch as the head over another state, the Vatican. However, the queen will not host a banquet for Benedict, as she does for other state visits. Pope John Paul II came to Britain in 1982 on a pastoral visit organized by the church.

Organizers say they anticipate smaller crowds in Britain for visit of Pope Benedict XVI

Smaller crowds anticipated in UK for papal visit

Susan Boyle to sing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ for Pope Benedict XVI in Scotland during British tour

Susan Boyle to sing for the pope during UK tour

UK document: Pope Benedict XVI could open abortion clinic, sing with Queen during visit

UK apologizes to Vatican over Pope visit jokes

Pope Benedict XVI to visit Scotland, England for 4 days in September

Pope to visit England, Scotland in September

Pope dismayed by support for euthanasia in Scotland, which he’ll visit later this year

Pope worries about Scottish support for euthanasia