TORONTO - The legislative assembly of Canada's French-speaking Quebec province Wednesday passed a unanimous motion banning the kirpan from its premises.

TORONTO - Miss Pakistan World Annie Rupani Sunday came out in support of Pakistani actress Veena Malik who is under fire from the Muslim clergy in her country for getting too close with Indian actor Ashmit Patel during her participation in Bigg Boss-4 in India.

TORONTO - The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Thursday slammed the barring of four Sikhs with kirpans from entering the Quebec provincial assembly and demands for ban on the symbolic dagger in parliament.

TORONTO - The kirpan issue was to the fore once again in Canada Wednesday when four Sikhs were barred from entering the Quebec provincial assembly for carrying a "potential weapon".

TORONTO - The reported decision by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to have a Hindu wedding in an ashram in Rajasthan next year to formalize their live-in relationship has drawn curious reaction from the Canadian media and readers.
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