Indian court rules disputed Ayodhya holy site to be split among Hindus and Muslims

Indian court divides disputed holy site

LUCKNOW, India — An Indian court ruled Thursday that a disputed holy site that has sparked bloody communal riots across the country in the past should be divided between the Hindu and Muslim communities.

Thousands of police patrol northern India as verdict over control of holy site looms

India braces for violence amid holy site verdict

US commander says Iraqi impasse over forming government encouraging spike in insurgent attacks

US general: Iraq political limbo fuels violence

Attack on mosque in Nigeria launches religious violence that leaves 5 dead

Nigeria: 5 die in new religious violence

JALINGO, Nigeria — An attack on a mosque by youths in eastern Nigeria erupted into bloodshed, leaving at least five people dead as religious violence continued between Christians and Muslims in Africa’s most populous nation, witnesses and police said Wednesday.

Iraqi premier in Beirut to pay respects to late top Shiite cleric Fadlallah

Iraqi PM pays respects to late top Lebanese cleric

Tens of thousands gather for mass funeral of Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric

Tens of thousands march in Shiite cleric’s funeral

6 die in renewed religious violence in central Nigerian flashpoint between Christians, Muslims

Nigeria: 6 dead in religion-fueled violence in Jos

Rival Lebanese politicians take battles to soccer field to mark 35th anniversary of civil war

Lebanese mark war’s outbreak with political soccer

Police: More than 30 ’secret’ killings follow religious violence across central Nigeria

Nigeria: ‘Secret’ killings follow religious deaths

Religious hatred, politics and poverty weave tapestry of violence across central Nigeria

Religious hatred, poverty behind Nigeria violence

Automatic weapons fire breaks out in Nigerian town wracked by Christian-Muslim violence

Gunshots heard in violence-wracked Nigerian town

US urges Nigeria to prosecute those responsible after 200 slaughtered in religious violence

Nigeria urged to investigate religious violence

Nigeria: Rights group, US call for inquiry, credible prosecutions after religious violence

Nigeria: Calls for inquiry into religious violence

Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria including infants in latest religious violence flare-up

Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria religious violence

Obama: Iraq vote an ‘important milestone,’ pledges to stick to US combat troop withdrawal plan