THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - Thanks to the judiciary, donkeys which ferry tonnes of foodstuff to the hill shrine at Sabarimala in Kerala, often falling ill and becoming prey to wild animals, are about to get a new deal.
BARCELONA - Thousands of people demonstrated Thursday against the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Spain, demanding a clear separation between church and state.
BERLIN - Alina Treiger, the first woman rabbi in Germany since the Holocaust, was ordained by liberal Jews near Berlin Thursday with the country's president, Christian Wulff, welcoming her.
LONDON - Hollywood actress Julia Roberts says the whole world should celebrate Diwali because it "celebrates self-confidence, love for humanity and peace".
MUMBAI - Mumbai wore a vibrant look Thursday, a day ahead of the festival of lights. People were seen thronging shopping centres, malls and small street bazaars for their last minute Diwali shopping.
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