DUBLIN - A panel of terrorism experts ruled Wednesday that a Protestant militant group in Northern Ireland, the Ulster Volunteer Force, killed a Belfast man in May and broke its promise to renounce violence.

DUBLIN - Political and religious leaders pleaded Wednesday for Catholic teenagers and children engaged in Belfast rioting to stop before one of them is killed and becomes a martyr for Irish Republican Army dissidents.

DUBLIN - Northern Ireland police came under live fire during a third straight night of Belfast unrest in scenes that a Catholic priest described Wednesday as "a Disney theme park for rioting." The leaders of Northern Ireland's Protestant-Catholic government, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness, said they would meet police commander Matt Baggott to discuss ways of quelling the recurring night-time mob violence by Irish nationalists in working-class Catholic areas.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland's political and security leaders condemned Irish nationalist militants Tuesday who injured 82 police officers during two nights of rioting sparked by the province's annual parades by the British Protestant majority.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland - Authorities in Northern Ireland faced a major cleanup Tuesday following two nights of sectarian rioting that left more than 50 officers injured during a major Protestant holiday.
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