Mayor: Arsonists burn mosque in Palestinian village in West Bank, damage holy books

Arsonists torch mosque in West Bank village

Mayor says arsonist burn mosque in Palestinian village in West Bank, damage holy books

Mayor: Arsonist torch mosque in West Bank village

Israeli Jews raise a glass of Palestinian beer in Oktoberfest in West Bank village of Taybeh

Israeli Jews celebrate Palestinian Oktoberfest

Tree featured in Bible tale of Jesus to help transform Jericho into tourism hub

Ancient tree to help turn Jericho into tourism hub

Decade later, Hamas leader says Arafat, despite denials, wanted attacks on Israel

Hamas leader: Arafat urged attacks on Israel

Poll: Majority of Israelis see non-Orthodox converts a part of Jewish people

Poll: Israelis view non-Orthodox converts as Jews

AP Exclusive: Palestinian leader hints at compromise on settlement standoff with Israel

AP Exclusive: Palestinian hints at settlement deal

In Israel, life comes to a halt as Jews mark solemn fasting day of Yom Kippur

Israel grinds to a halt for Yom Kippur fasting day

Holy day Internet blackout on ministry websites fuels secular, religious tensions

Internet holy day blackout imposed in Israel

Turks step closer to EU with referendum vote, but membership is still a glimmer

Turkey: nation on a dual course

ISTANBUL — Turks took a step closer to Europe by voting for constitutional changes aimed at bringing the country into line with European standards of democracy. Yet it was also a massive show of confidence in an Islamic-rooted government whose closer ties with Iran and hostility toward Israel have caused dismay in the West.

For Israelis, a new point of contention: What time is it?

A new spat in Israel: What time is it?

JERUSALEM — When Israel moved its clocks back early Sunday in preparation for the holy fast day of Yom Kippur, people in this high-decibel society found something new to disagree about: the time of day.

Skepticism about peace mixes with festive atmosphere as Israelis usher in Jewish new year

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Hamas, though excluded from Mideast talks, is among most intractable issues

Hamas among intractable issues in Mideast talks

Palestinian President Abbas: Peace talks with Israel doomed if settlement building continues

Abbas: No peace talks with settlement building

Influential Israeli rabbi says Palestinians and their leader should perish

Influential Israeli rabbi says Abbas should perish

Israel says it will not accept any Palestinian conditions for resuming peace negotiations

Israel: No conditions for talks with Palestinians

In sign of West Bank calm, Israel dismantles protective concrete barrier in Jerusalem

In sign of calm, Israel removes gunfire barrier

Despite US optimism, envoy says still no agreement on direct Israel-Palestinian talks

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

After Abbas-Mitchell meeting, some optimism about launching direct Israeli-Palestinian talks

President Barack Obama

US envoy fails to secure Palestinian agreement for going to direct talks with Israel

US President Barack Obama

More than matzo balls: With locusts and deer, Jerusalem dinner shakes up the kosher kitchen

More than matzo balls: Kosher cooking revisited

Abbas says he is still wary of direct talks with Israel despite pressure from ‘entire world’

President Barack Obama

Israel temporarily shelves conversion bill that angered American Jews

Israel: Controversial conversion bill shelved

Israel’s Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill, fearing rift in Jewish world

Netanyahu says he will oppose conversion bill

Religious conversion bill moves ahead in Israel’s parliament, angering liberal Jews

Liberal groups slam new Israel law on conversion

Presbyterian leaders: US should end Israel aid unless nation backs off Palestinian settlements

Presbyterians: End Israel aid over settlements

UK foreign ministry pulls ambassador’s blog post praising Hezbollah-linked cleric after outcry

UK removes blog post praising late Lebanese cleric

Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric, Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, dies in hospital near Beirut at 75

US President Bill Clinton

Nation of Islam leader accuses Jews of ‘anti-black’ behavior, asks for dialogue

Farrakhan charges Jews with ‘anti-black’ behavior

Turkey’s Erdogan emerging as leader in Muslim world, hosting Arab league on home soil

Turkey’s Erdogan: emerging leader in Muslim world

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox add market clout to arsenal of pressure tactics

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox turn to consumer clout

Archaeologists dig up 3,500-year-old pagan religious vessels in northern Israel

Israel unearths 3,500-year-old religious artifacts

Vatican charges international community ignores plight of Christians in the Middle East

Vatican says world ignores Christians in Mideast

Egyptian court upholds decision to strip citizenship from Egyptians married to Israeli women

Egyptians married to Israelis to lose citizenship

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Breaking Gaza blockade could lead to missile attacks

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents attacks

Turkish lawmakers urge review of ties with Israel; All activists to be deported from Israel

Israel deports all activists from Gaza-bound ships

Turkey’s parliament urges government to review political, military ties with Israel

Turkish lawmakers urge govt to review Israel ties

Turkey says Israel to release all Turks from aid ships, prepares big welcome for activists

Turkey: Israel to release all Turks from aid ships

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel visits Israel for son’s bar mitzvah celebration

Protesters rally outside the White House

White House Chief of Staff Emanuel in Israel for son’s bar mitzvah celebration

WH chief of staff in Israel for son’s bar mitzvah

Israeli archaeologists say pagan altar found at disputed building site shows graves not Jewish

Pagan altar unearthed at building site in Israel

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest removal of ancient graves to make way for new emergency room

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest grave removal

Iranian cleric wants to see creation of ‘Greater Iran’ to rule over Middle East, Central Asia

Iranian cleric wants creation of ‘Greater Iran’

Israeli officials vow to build for Jews, demolish Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem

Israelis: No halt to east Jerusalem construction

AP sources: US to join advisory group despite concern over possible anti-Israel bias

The White House

Jerusalem reopens main tourist gate at Old City after 2-month renovation

Jerusalem reopens popular Old City gate

JERUSALEM — Israel reopened a 16th-century gate to Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday, completing a two-month renovation and cleaning project that drew criticism from Palestinian officials.

Gaza report judge won’t attend grandson’s bar mitzvah in S.Africa, cites talks with critics

SAfrican judge says he won’t attend bar mitzvah

Saudi cleric announces on-air plans to visit Jerusalem

Saudi cleric announces visit to Jerusalem

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — A Saudi cleric announced Monday on his television show that he will visit Jerusalem next week to bolster Muslim claims to the city.

With ancient hymns and religious rock bands, Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

Hymns and electric guitars: Jerusalem marks Easter

Thousands of Orthodox faithful celebrate holy fire ritual to the sound of hymns and drumbeats

Thousands of Orthodox celebrate holy fire ritual