GOKUL - In an unprecedented display of solidarity with the movement launched by the ascetics and Sri Krishna devotees of the Braj Mandal, temples here were shut down for two hours to protest the pollution in the river Yamuna.

MATHURA/AGRA - The centenary celebrations of Pandit Sri Ram Sharma Acharya, who popularized Gayatri Mantra like never before, started here Sunday.

MATHURA - The Delhi-Agra national highway has been choked for the last three days as devotees of a local spiritual leader make their way on foot and in packed buses and trucks for a four-day religious discourse that ends here Friday.

MATHURA - Temples across Braj Mandal, a large swathe of area around Mathura, are bustling with joy and fervour, celebrating Janmashtami -- the birthday of Lord Krishna.
Janmashthami Celebrations Ahead
KOLKATA, INDIA ( Janmashtami is a holy occasion for the devout Hindus who wait for the event all through the year and a number of events are held in the honor of the blue hued deity Krishna.
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