Janmashthami Celebrations Ahead

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 26, 2010

KOLKATA, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Janmashtami is a holy occasion for the devout Hindus who wait for the event all through the year and a number of events are held in the honor of the blue hued deity Krishna. The religious lot decorates their homes and offer pujas and prayers to the deity. This year the occasion will be celebrated on September 2nd. The temples are also adorned with flowers and a lot of devotees assemble there to offer their prayers to the god. In a number of places in India dramas are enacted to present the story of the birth of the lord Krishna. A ritual that is commonplace in northern and west India is the breaking of a pot hung higher from the ground.

Rasa Lila is held in several places on the occasion of Janmashtami and it is enjoyed by the participants and devout followers of Lord Krishna. In places like Mathura and Vrindavan people celebrate this event with much enthusiasm and excitement. Before the day people fast so that they can offer their prayers the next day with a cleansed mind and soul.

The Krishna idols in Hindu households are washed in holy water and new clothes and jewelry are adorned. The occasion is synonymous with prosperity and health for the devout followers of Krishna. The ISKCON temples in the country register record footfall on Janmashtami . A number of religious programs are likely to be aired by some TV channels and radio network on the auspicious occasion. The day is enjoyed by the elderly people as well as they are fond of the deity in general.

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