Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations Ahead

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BANGALORE, INDIA ( For the religious and devout Indians Krishna Janmashtami is a holy and auspicious occasion and this is something they look forward to. It is celebrated in various parts of the country by the followers of Lord Krishna with great enthusiasm and the occasion is associated with a number of religious rituals. A number of cultural programs are also arranged each year at the temples and households for this occasion. Lord Krishna is one of the most respected and prominent deities in Indian mythology and he has millions of devotees worldwide. In many places his idols are worshipped and special meals are cooked and offered to him which is later distributed as Prasad to the followers on Krishna Janmashtami.

ISKCON or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is all set to celebrate the holy event of Sri Krishna Janmashtami on the first two days of September. Grand programs will be held at the ISKCON center at Bangalore and also at the Krishna Lila Theme Park in the city. Apart from the puja a number of devotional songs will be played on these days to pay respect to the deity. On the evening of September 2nd, the organizers will offer ‘Prasadam’to 50000 devotees.

A lot of people from various parts of the country and abroad gather at the ISKCON centers on the eve of Krishna Janmashtami. This year is no exception to this trend either. The other ISKCON centers in India including the one in Kolkata are also going to celebrate the holy occasion. Arrangements are in place to ensure no untoward incidents take place.

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