Southeast Asia

JAKARTA, Indonesia - An Indonesian government minister who has in the past blamed natural disasters on immorality has caused more controversy by posting anti-gay comments on Twitter and joking about people with AIDS.

MANILA, Philippines - Just a few months into his tenure, President Benigno Aquino III has angered the powerful Catholic Church by expressing support for the right to contraception in a televised interview abroad.

UNITED NATIONS - Malaysia's prime minister called Monday for creation of a "global movement of moderates" from all faiths to marginalize extremists from all religions.

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Dozens of Christians held prayers inside their boarded-up church near Indonesia's capital Sunday, saying they had as much right as anyone to worship in the world's most populous Muslim country.

JAKARTA, Indonesia - A group of Christian worshippers said they would defy police and the threat of attack to hold Sunday prayers outside their now-boarded-up church near Indonesia's capital.
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