TORONTO - In a unique inter-faith gesture by the Indo-Canadian community, the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization (CMOHC) here has raised a memorial to fallen Canadian peace-keeping soldiers to commemorate their sacrifices around the world.
KATHMANDU - When she was eight, Pramada Shah nee Rana remembers how she threw a tantrum when her grandmother ordered a goat to be bought and sacrificed as a thanksgiving to the gods for fulfilling a wish.
SRINAGAR - The 6,700 pilgrims from the Kashmir Valley going for the Haj this year want Prime Minister Manmohan Singh intervenes after Saudi Airlines refused to operate from the Srinagar airport.
AYODHYA - He heads no religious group or political party but his is the voice for peace struggling to be heard. Sadiq Ali, who has been stitching clothes for the Ram Lalla deity in Ayodhya for over a decade, says he is living proof that the entire dispute has nothing to do with religion.
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