Now follow a Moharram ‘majlis’ on your cell

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LUCKNOW - Members of the Shia community can now follow a ‘Majlis’ addressed by leading clerics during the month of Moharram on their mobile phone within half an hour of the event.

Gurgaon-based IT company Anagha Communications has developed a software to bring the Moharram majlis straight to your mobile phones within 30 minute of the recitation in any corner of the country.

Titled ‘Moharram on mobile’ , the product is already in great demand even though its publicity is being done only by word of mouth and through the internet.

“All that you are required to do is to purchase a card for Rs.200 and then you are free to log on to your favourite majlis on your mobile for the next two months,” the firm’s CEO Sandeep Singh told mediapersons here.

“What we do is to record the majlis by leading Shia clerics and upload them on our site to make the same available to our clients within the next 25-30 minutes,” he said.

So far, the only way one could listen to a majlis addressed by a leading cleric was through CDs and DVDs. “But then there was no way one could get access to a ‘majlis’ within minutes of its delivery,” he added.

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