Woman claims to see Christ’s image in her X-ray

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LONDON - Christians believe that Jesus Christ lives within all of us — but one woman in the US claims to have photographic evidence. She says she saw in her chest X-ray a clear image of Christ just above her heart.

Karen Sigler from Elwood, Indiana, was in hospital Dec 12 with pneumonia when she made a truly divine discovery while looking at one of her chest X-rays.

She claims there is a clear image of Jesus Christ right above her heart - just where she hoped he might be during her health scare.

Sigler, who also recently underwent surgery for breast cancer, says the Christ-like image was not the only encouragement she received from god, the Daily Mail reports.

Just before her operation, she says she was shopping at the local general store down the street from her house. She said: “I was just really scared I was going to die.” Suddenly, a stranger approached her and said: “Jesus said you’re going to be healed.”

While she said the random conversation didn’t calm her fears or restore her faith, she was left with undoubtable proof during her second hospital visit.

“My faith just got a little stronger since I saw that Jesus was sitting on my heart and that he’s there. You can see him. He’s there,” she said.

Now, Sigler is hopeful. She is waiting to find out if her cancer is gone and will start chemotherapy in January.

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