Concern for sparrows on spiritual leader’s 100th birthday

Monday, January 24, 2011

MUMBAI - The forthcoming 100th birthday of spiritual head of the Dawoodi Bohra sect Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin in March will be celebrated by paying special attention to the humble sparrow, an official said here Monday.

The Burhani Foundation and Nature Forever Society (NFS) have teamed up to distribute 52,000 bird feeders (trays with seeds kept outside for birds) March 6, in the run-up to the World Sparrow Day March 20.

March 6 is the birthday of the Syedna as per the Gregorian calendar and March 25 as per the Egyptian Islamic calendar and this single biggest nature conservation effort would be held during the celebrations spanning over three weeks, NFS chief Mohammed Dilawar told IANS.

The entire cost of this unique project, titled ‘Save Our Sparrows’, will be borne by the Burhani Foundation, he added.

Accordingly, the bird feeders shall be distributed to individuals, social groups, and societies in Mumbai and all over India, besides a few countries worldwide.

“The bird feeders, to be distributed free to citizens, institutes, forest departments and conservation organisations, will work as an easy and functional conservation tools for the common people to save these tiny birds which are under threat in urban areas,” Dilawar said.

The humble house sparrow, once an omnipresent feature of urban environment, has seen a drastic decline over the past few years, largely due to lack of food and erosion of habitat.

Researchers like Dilawar fear that the decline of this humble bird may point to a larger threat - that of the degradation of urban environment worldwide.

On its part, the Burhani Foundation has been silently advocating environmental awareness and research around the world for the last 20 years.

It has also been involved in other significant projects like vermiculture and organic farming over the past years and has appealed to all to come forward and join the ‘Save our Sparrows’ project.

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