WASHINGTON - Like any other father of a growing daughter, Barack Obama too has to sometimes summon the help of God.

WASHINGTON - An international Sikh group has appealed to all Sikh gurdwaras and institutions to celebrate March 14, the day Guru Har Rai became the 7th Sikh Guru in 1644 AD, as Sikh Environment Day.

WASHINGTON - A Sikh advocacy group joined by several other civil rights organizations have urged California's Indian-American Attorney General Kamala Harris not to oppose a bearded Sikh who wants to serve as a prison guard.

WASHINGTON - A Sikh community advocacy group has warned the community to be prepared for the "reality that Sikhs should now always expect to be secondarily screened at American airports." The warning was issued by The Sikh Coalition in its revised guidance for "Airport Screening Procedures as Applied to Sikh Travellers and Your Rights as a Sikh Air Traveller." "Significantly, Sikhs should now expect to be secondarily screened 100 percent of the time at American airports, even after passing through so-called Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines," it said.

WASHINGTON - Over 40 million Christmas trees are expected to be sold in the US this season but Americans are divided over whether to buy a fake or a real tree.
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