Muharram Being Observed In Pakistan
KARACHI, PAKISTAN (GaeaTimes.com)- Like every year, the city of Karachi in Pakistan was witness to a mourning procession on Thursday to commemorate the occasion of Muharram which honors the sacrifices that were made by Hazrat Iman Hussein and his companions.

KARACHI - Several Christian families in this Pakistani city have fled their homes while many have sent their women to safer places after a Christian boy eloped with a Muslim girl, causing tension in their neighbourhood, a media report said.

KARACHI - Sacrificing yaks on Eid has come to a stop in Pakistan's largest city due to a theological "doubt", a media report said Monday.
Shab-E-Meraj Celebrations Start Today
HYDERABAD, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- It is the 9th of July today and Muslims all over India and the world have a reason to celebrate.
Pakistan's Karachi wracked by spate of killings
KARACHI, Pakistan - Asif Raza and his brother were killed days apart and in the same manner: gunned down on the streets of Pakistan's largest city.
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