United Kingdom

LONDON - Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams was quoted Saturday as saying he is not opposed to the appointment of gay people as bishops, if they pledge to remain celibate.

BIRMINGHAM, England - The Vatican declared Pope Benedict XVI's four-day visit to Britain a "great success" Sunday, saying the pontiff was able to reach out to a nation wary of his message and angry at his church's sex abuse scandal.

BIRMINGHAM, England - Pope Benedict XVI is celebrating Mass to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman and in that ceremony he has offered a personal reflection on the evilness of the Nazi regime.

BIRMINGHAM, England - Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass on Sunday to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, the 19th century Anglican convert held up by the pope as a model for the faithful because he followed his conscience at great personal cost.

LONDON - Pilgrims and protesters are greeting Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of his state visit to Britain.
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