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Day Of The Dead 2010 Celebration Photos
MEXICO (GaeaTimes.com) -- The Day of the Dead (El Da de los Muertos in Spanish) happens to be a Mexican and Mexican-American celebration of deceased ancestors which takes place on the November 1 and November 2, coinciding with the much similar Roman Catholic celebrations of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.
Obama may visit Golden Temple during next visit: Aide
WASHINGTON - Time was the main factor behind US President Barack Obama's decision not to visit the Golden Temple during his upcoming India trip, and paying homage at the Sikh shrine at a later date cannot be ruled out, an aide has said.
Women all decked up, keep fast on Karwa Chauth
NEW DELHI - All decked up in colourful clothes and beautiful jewellery with exquisite henna designs on their hands, women in many parts of north India Tuesday celebrated the festival of karwa chauth, observing a day-long fast for long life of their husbands.
Goa Hindu group now to target Narakasur
PANAJI - A Hindu right-wing group, whose members have been accused of the Margao blast at a function to slay demon Narakasura on Diwali eve last year, plans to launch a campaign against the "glorification" of the mythical monster.
Shiv Sena demands ban on burqa
MUMBAI - The Shiv Sena Tuesday demanded a ban on burqa, calling the Muslim veil a threat to security interests.
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